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Gotta pay 1.99 for a name in reverse look up.

Would give it 0 stars

Used the app and payed 1.99 for reverse lookup and just told me the approximate area no name or info. DO NOT USE REVERSE LOOK UP!!

Awesome app!

This application is awesome! Dont listen to those person that says its bad, e.c.t... DOWNLOAD IT SERIOUSLY ITS THE COOLEST APP EVER!!!!

Mostly for USA

Couldnt look up anyone in a lot of places in Canada! Any time I try to input a place in Ontario it wouldnt work!


I would give it a 0 as well ..... Trying it out...managed to do a Reverse Look up on my sisters #- it gave me that it was either unpublished or a cell in Ladysmith BC (Canada) and then of course I would have to PAY to check out the accuracy. ! When I looked up her name: and put in LADYSMITH BC (the message was that there was no such city) So it appears, one can get information if they PAY... but not the other way around. And besides it appears its mostly for the US. Interesting in Reverse Look up they acknowledged the town/city in BC, but not by name search ! PS: there is not really any support : just listings of stuff but when you click on eg) People Search: nothing happens !


Not very useful for Canadians - kept on telling that certain cities (one of which I live in!) didnt exist. Maybe works better in the US....

Give it a try

If you have a reason to use it, it will be VERY useful. Its great that they added people in Canada!!

Great US app

Very efficient, best no nonsense phone directory. If you want a Canadian directory, download the Canada 411 app. Simple.

Very poor

Very poor -- performs as poorly as the similar Yellow Pages app.

Dont sendormir tour Time on this app...

It is useless and inaccurate

411.com Rules!

Great communications aid! Very fast & accurate.

Super Easy

Fast and convenient, finding a hotel near Miami Airport was a snap from Canada.


What a piece if crap! Dont bother

Horrible app

Information is so wrong on names numbers and locations.

Very Helpful

This app makes it soooo much better than the wasting of time searching on the Internet. Very Helpful!

Not worth downloading

Yes, this used to be the White Pages app. Unfortunately, none of the functionality of that app is found here. Just about every reverse look up yields a result that cannot be accessed unless you want to pay a premium. As soon as I have a chance to find another reverse look up app, this one will be deleted.

Helpful app

This app can help you locate people and businesses that you need to contact. I have found it to be very helpful.

Not what it use to be

When I first got this app, you could use the reverse phone to see if a number was spam. It now tells you nothing about the number unless you pay for it. You dont have to me who it is but just need to know if its spam number.

Doesnt work with iOS 10

I always liked this app but it is has become very unreliable since I upgraded to iOS 10.

411 phone book app

Simple & straightforward. Love this app. All apps should work like this!

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